Camping with your dogs, Port Fairy, Victoria

Dog on a beach

Camping with your dogs

Whether it’s free camping, off-road camping or booking sites upfront, we just love being out in the wilderness.

Location: Yambuk + Port Fairy Victoria.

Campsite: Yambuk campsite.

Other campsite worth investigating: Southcombe Caravan Park.

Accessible: 2WD, 4X4, RV or a Van.

Address: 345 Carrolls Rd, Yambuk VIC 3285.

Quick Points: Camping / 2WD Access / Shower / Fishing / Swimming + Paddle Boarding.

The Journey

We decided to head to Port Fairy approx 4.5 hours west of Melbourne along the coast. We haven’t been here before, so we thought it was a great time to go. We wanted to give Port Fairy a try as we had heard great things about its historical past and volcanic landscape.

The fires were getting close on the eastern Gippsland coastline, so we booked last minute and managed to find a campsite on the West of Victoria called Yambuk. We knew it would be a little drive out of Port Fairy itself. We didn’t mind as it wasn’t too far, really, plus it gave us a sense of the larger area around Port Fairy. With it being the height of summer, we took our chance.

Yambuk campsite itself is managed under the local council.

Like other campsites in Port Fairy, it’s one of many under the umbrella of the Moyne Shire Council. The grounds are clean, dog-friendly, and nestled on the Yambuk Lake. Great fishing, paddle boarding and the lake is clean and safe to swim in. The shower and bathroom facilities are clean, with an excellent outdoor kitchen for BBQ use. The site manager invites local businesses to come and sell their produce, to my delight, the local strawberry farm, dumpling makers, and even the local bakery would drive to the site on specified days selling bread, pies and bagels.

Port Fairy was our daily go-to destination. On the way into Port Fairy from the campsite is a significant archaeological site named ‘The Crags’.

The Crags are significant to the traditional owners, they have deep spiritual connections to Deen Maar Island in the distance. “This man here”, referring to Bunjil the Creator. Not only is this a place of utter beauty, but it is also a significant land in which aboriginal people would meet for gathering, ceremony and feasting purposes over thousands of years.

Port Fairy, in 1844 was the first town to be created outside of Melbourne, home to the Irish settlers. The town was popular for whaling and fishing, and for its historical houses situated near the harbour. We wanted to explore the area and were pleasantly surprised as to how dog friendly it is, walking by the boats on the Harbour. The smell of the sea and the sounds of the seagulls diving for your chips, it reminded me of being in Cornwall.

We walked along the coastline and headed for a ‘Pea Soup’ beach adorned with volcanic rock. The beach was stunning, with a bay you can safely swim in. This walk was our favourite as we take our dogs with us all the time. The beach is dog friendly and in certain spots you can let your dog off the lead. The furthest to the left you go (in Google, it’s called Pea Soup1). There is also the ‘Eastern Beach’, the farthest right you go. You can take your dog, and they are allowed off lead. You have to be mindful of the birds nesting, so you can only have the dogs off lead in designated areas at certain times.

Essential items we advise you pack for your dog.

There are a few essentials for your dog; we think you should bring along for the trip;

  1. Collapsible dog bowl (carry in your bag).
  2. Long-lasting treats to keep your dog entertained and healthy while you are relaxing.
  3. Dog cooling mat.
  4. Long Lead + Camping Stake.
  5. Manuka Honey, good for cuts and stings.
  6. Dog First Aid Kit.

It’s a dog-friendly campsite that sits next to the Yambuk River that leads into the ocean. The beach is unpatrolled, rugged and unsafe to swim as the surf is hectic. You will even see wild Wallabies jumping in the sandbanks.

  • Toilets
  • Bins
  • Shower facilities
  • Kitchen facilities with BBQ
  • Camping, on lead dog friendly
  • W-Fi Connection
  • No Shops or Pubs

Local Attractions

Essential Packing

  • Fridge/Esky.
  • Gas Cooking (no fires allowed here).

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and hope you enjoy reading our future blogs.

Thank you for reading.

Nicola, Sam, Lucky, Poly & Alfie x

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