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As a Melbourne multi-award winning dog groomer, “I have been passionate about styling dogs since 2016.”

She Walks business owner Nicola has been fortunate enough to attend the some of the best Dog Grooming industry competitions, attending industry seminars and Dog Grooming workshops with industry leaders, and has been taught and mentored by some of the best teachers in the grooming industry worldwide.

Additionally, Nicola has competed in grooming competitions, which has resulted in her winning:

  • Multiple 1st places in her group at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2016, 2017 and 2018, while also receiving the ‘Encouragement Award’ for Melbournes up and coming groomer 2017.
  • 2nd place at Groomex, the grooming industry mecca show in 2016.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Melbourne Grooming championships for Handstripping, Lagotto and also Salon Freestyle in 2017.
She Walks, Dog grooming, Melbourne

A dedicated, Melbourne grooming studio

She Walks is dog grooming Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays based from her home studio, on Lowan Street, Brunswick East (bordering Glenlyon Road & North Fitzroy). With easy access to local parks, cafes and parking.

We work one on one with your dog, this is so they have our full care and attention.

We have also launched a retail shop on-site, where you can buy our Dog Eats range, as well as the latest, exclusive industry grooming products.

Only the best for your stylish dog

We only sell products that we use with our own dogs. Nicola is the owner of a Lagotto Romagnalo, Alfie, Labradoodle, Lucky and Toy Poodle, Poly.

She has developed a style of dog grooming to help fellow owners style their dogs to perfection, so your furry friend always leaves the studio looking; stylish, practical and their skin and coat is well cared for each visit.

Nicola specialises in grooming cute ‘teddy styles’, breed trims and also hand-stripping. Dog breeds I work with are below, including:

  • Lagotto Romagnalo
  • Bichon Frise
  • Labradoodles, cavoodles, generally all oodles mix.
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Fox Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Cairn Terrier, West Highland Terrier etc
She Walks, Melbourne Dog Grooming

Specialist dog grooming services

We offer Dog Grooming, Hand Stripping, cute Teddy Bear inspired styling, and LOVE to help out those furry friends who are in need of just a lovely bath, de-shed and nail trim.

Visit the dog grooming studio

Based at home, in our newly renovated grooming studio, you will find me at the below address.

Lowan St, Brunswick East, 3057

My dog grooming (home based) studio is fully equipped with the latest industry shampoos, conditioners, offering your dog a relaxed space to be pampered in. I love caring for skin needs, so most of my shampoos are hypoallergenic.

I love nothing more than keeping up with the latest education and training in our dog grooming industry and I’m passionate in sharing my knowledge with you the owner to help you understand the dog grooming process.

Pricing and Policies 2024

Fully Styled groom from *$120 / $130-140 / $150 (toy/small/medium dogs) 

In-between groom *$110 /$130 /$140 (toy/small/medium dogs) 

Breed trim Lagotto from $160 – $200 (small/med/large based on a *6 weekly schedule

*Extra fee of $30 will be added to the groom price on the day for out of schedule or matted dogs. A $10 fee added for taking more time for nervous or wriggly dogs (price to be discussed on appointment).

Hand Stripping is a traditional hand pulling technique, where continued education is necessary. Hand Stripping offers many benefits, removing dead hair to enable new growth to come through, keeping their skin healthy, and the colour of the coat rich, with production of natural healthy oils. 

Each dog has different coat growth and needs, so we can discuss what is best for your dog.

Hand Stripping *** Sml/Med terrier breeds only $110* per hour, based on 6-8 weekly appointments. 

Hand Stripping* Gun Dogs such as Cocker Spaniels etc, $150 – $170 approx (price is based 6-8 weeks in-between appointments, with no matting) 

A matting fee will apply to the grooming appointment up to $30

All Hand Stripping – Regular *maintenance visit at $2 per (hand stripping) minute. A consultative approach is taken for you and your dogs needs. *This appointment is a quick hand stripping visit, and you choose your time. Usually 4-6 weeks, breed dependent. 

Nails & Pads clipped and cleaned $25 

Bath, Brushout & Nails – $75 small – $115 medium dog.

‘Deshed’ appointments: $95 per hour (includes bath, nails and styling) 

Drop off early or pick up late by 30 mins incurs a $30 fee, price discretionary at time of booking or time of pick up if not communicated pre appointment. 

Pick up – you will be notified 30 mins before your dog is finished to pick up. I work one on one with your dog, with an approx 2 to 3 hour time slot for each dog, this is dependent on the work required for each appointment.

* Curly coated or fleece coated dogs (cavoodles, toy poodles, bichon frise etc) require re-booking on a regular schedule, 5-6 weekly.  Looking for that cute ‘instagram’able –  Teddy Styling’ requires a regular 5-6 weekly grooming appointment helps you maintain your dogs plush velvet coat. Keeping your dogs skin and coat in tip top condition, while maintaining that gorgeous teddy head and body.

** The Lagotto breed trim takes more time than a usual groom, because of their tight curly coat. It’s important to maintain a regular grooming schedule, so that your dog is not on the table for long and the process is as easy and enjoyable for him or her. 

We advise a regular grooming schedule (anywhere from a 5, 6 or max 7 weekly rotation) based on your dog’s length, and type of coat.

Hand stripping* for short appointments, in order to achieve a ‘rolling coat’ be hand stripped every 3-4 weeks. This is a short tidy up no bath or styling required. $2 per minute. Helps promote healthy rich coat, and great skin.

Hand Stripping*** on coats past 10 weeks $140 p/h* Time can be capped at your discretion, and then a new appointment made to continue work if needed. The appointment could take up to 2.5 – 3  hours, this does includes bath, nails and styling.

Cancellation Policy: As we work one on one, we require a minimum 48 hour notice on cancellations. This is so we can fill your spot to a doggie in need of a haircut.  

*Late Cancellations will be charged a fee of $50 p/h dedicated for your dog, and to be paid on the day of cancellation,


Our dog grooming services are more available

I have recently added more days to my ‘Dog Grooming’ Schedule: I now offer dog grooming appointments on the following days; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.



Clients who groom with us, stay with us

Our clients have been with us from the start. See what they say about us in our grooming reviews.

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