Dog Walking

She Walks, Dog walking, Melbourne

Melbourne dog walking at its best

We tailor our dog walking services to your dog’s needs, age and ability. Some dogs love a gentle, long walk – others want to run off-lead and roll and jump!

While you work, we can be your animal companion’s care-taker, giving them a fun, social outing and releasing any pent-up energy.

If your dog is able, we take them on hiking adventures where they can be off-lead and run. Before any off-lead activities take place, we will ensure your dog is happy and relaxed, and has good recall. The freedom they feel if they can run off-lead is priceless.
Cartoon illustration showing a trail of dog's pawprints
She Walks, Dog walking, Melbourne

Group dog walking

We welcome all dogs, big and small. We match the dog’s personalities and energy levels so they are guaranteed to have a fun-filled, calm and safe adventure with She Walks.

We conduct solo walks first, so we can match our paw-clients perfectly in a group setting.

She Walks, Dog walking, Melbourne
She Walks, Dog walking, Melbourne

A consistent group of furry friends

Once walking groups are established, we always keep them the same, with no surprises to the walks by adding in casual dogs on the day. We always walk the groups in a safe manner, making sure the environments we go to are safe from snakes, traffic and also other dogs.

We provide water, treats and balls. We are constantly engaged with your dog – supervising play, running and encouraging good behaviour. We also get dirty and down on the floor taking pictures as the dogs are jumping over and around us. When we say we are part of the pack, we literally are.

Our custom,
fitted-out van 'Vera'

Our van, Vera comes fully-equipped with a partition in the middle of the van and a rubber floor to give comfort as the dogs lay or sit comfortably on the floor. We also have a water container on tap, so the pups are well hydrated on the walk. The van also comes with a ramp, for the older dogs or breeds such as daschunds, so they don’t have to jump in and out, hurting their joints or hips.


Solo Walk

Not all dogs like the company of other dogs.

We can cater to assist those who need us 100%

$45 (including GST) per walk 30 mins.


Group Hikes are up to 2* hours with travel time included.

$40 (including GST) based on 2/3
group walks per week.

In addition, we will ensure your dog is well-loved and cared for by us. We always refresh water bowls and check gates are secure before we leave them home alone.

Experiences built on great relationships

We pride ourselves on having great relationships with the dogs and their humans too. We are currently welcoming in a small number of new clients, so feel free to contact us if you would like your dog to be a part of our walking family.


Clients who walk with us, stay with us

Our clients have been with us from the start. See what they say about us in our She Walks reviews.

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