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We access your dog either from inside your home, you provide the key preferably in a key safe or you trust us to keep the key under a number/colour that does not give anyone knowledge of who it belongs to should it get lost.

No more than 6 at once. This is based on the group being very chilled. If it’s a fast paced group no more than 3 or 4.

You will give us permission to contact your vets if we can’t get hold of you. We will take care of your dog until the problem is resolved and then we return your dog home and make sure they are fully ok and comfortable to be left alone.

Yes we do, we have public liability that covers us for walking, transport and grooming. The insurers only cover us if we are at fault.

Yes we are, we undertake seminars regularly on dog behaviour, dog aggression and also grooming seminars and competitions, we also have CPR and First Aid training for Dogs.

Since 2015

Our van is secure and is locked when we are nowhere near it, all dogs are with us all of the time. If we need the toilet the van is locked and we have ventilation so they are not sat in a hot sweaty environment. We also have a dash cam that looks outwards.

That is fine, we require 48 hours notice direct with us via text or via email during business hours. We request Mon-Fri cancellations, this is because we are not online or on our phones at the weekend. We are also always on the go so it’s hard to manage schedules until we get home.

Yes we can, but we need adequate notice, we do not accept casual booking on the same day request. Our days are set in advance.

No not anymore, only to clients we know very well. This is because it’s too disruptive for our own dogs and our oldest boy Lucky likes his own space.

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