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She Walks, Natural Dog Treats

Natural dog treats

At She Walks, we believe all animals should be able to flourish and enjoy healthy, nutritious natural dog treats. We love to talk to our clients about real food for dogs and how it benefits their general health and wellbeing.

Raw or natural feeding is becoming more common, and most dogs thrive on raw feeding.

Have you ever noticed that when you fed your dog too many treats they developed red, itchy skin, or became sick with inflammation?

Just like for humans, the quality of the food our dog eat affects their behaviour and gut health which all results in brain health/behaviour.

She Walks, Natural Dog Treats
She Walks, Natural Dog Treats

Fill them with goodness

Fuelling your dogs as much natural goodness is vital for their health and wellbeing. Everything we put in their mouths should have purpose, whether it be supporting their joints or helping them with their itchy skin.

There are so many natural products that we can access now, or even make ourselves that will benefit our beloved pets.

We rigorously source products and speak directly to the fishermen and farmers who deliver us our Dog Eats.

Fished from the shores of Australia, and farmed here in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, we are supporting local producers in the sourcing of our Dog Eats range.

She Walks, Natural Dog Treats
She Walks, Natural Dog Treats

Feel good pet food

Sourcing locally and sustainably makes us feel good, our clients feel good and most importantly the special pets who devour our Dog Eats feel good too!

Click through to our shop to see what natural goodness is in store for your dog. We pride ourselves on fast delivery times, flat-rate shipping options and high-quality packaging.

From Cows Ears and Chicken Feet to Fish Nibbles and Sardines, we’ve got a huge range of natural dog treats for your favourite pet.

She Walks, Natural Dog Treats

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